• Municipality on a Mission

    Through forward thinking technology, over 100,000 citizens reap rewards from the City of Tyler's mission to serve its community and improve services while also protecting data security.

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    Municipality on a Mission

    Enabling Business Continuity Across the Globe

    State of Louisiana

    Enabling faster disaster relief for communities across the state to recover from critical events.

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    Brisbane Catholic Education

    K-12 education provider in Australia transforms learning and teaching across 147 schools using more than 72,000 devices.

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    Città metropolitana di Roma

    Smart working policy for Italian public sector organization improves productivity, collaboration and employee work-life balance with remote working.

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    App Modernization


    Mobile communications provider extends delivery of compelling services and reliable coverage to its customers through modern applications.

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    Chow Sang Sang

    Retailer transforms IT infrastructure to a dynamic powerhouse supporting its fast-growing ecommerce business and future multi-cloud strategy.

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    Trend Micro

    Cybersecurity leader easily and quickly deliver services in weeks that used to take months with no impact on application uptime.

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    Technology as a Force for Good

    International Committee of the Red Cross

    Securing the operations of the world's largest humanitarian network to support their mission worldwide with technology solutions.


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